Monday, March 29, 2010

Tips to Freezing a Layered Casserole

1. Double, triple, or quadruple the recipe. Lasagna always seems like such a long process. When I double the recipe, it makes twice the food with about the same amount of effort and time.

2. For my small family, I cut the recipe in half. Instead of making a 9x13 lasagna, I make two 8x8.

3. Before filling the casserole dish, line the dish with plastic wrap. You could also use foil or wax paper, but just remember that foil can sometimes tear easily.

4. Cool the dish in the refrigerator before freezing. It will help the dish freeze faster and keep the food fresh. Although, I sometimes skip this step if the food is already room temperature.

5. After the casserole is frozen solid, remove it from the glass and plastic. This will free up your dishes, and I also like making sure the plastic isn't frozen into the food.

6. Wrap the casserole with plastic wrap. Make sure you wrap it tightly and label it (what it is, the date, and baking instructions).

Last night I made lasagna. I used this recipe, and I also added pepperoni to the sauce (because that is what my mom does). I doubled the recipe and then divided it by 4.

I lined the 8x8 glass dishes with plastic wrap.

I layered in the lasagna.

I froze the lasagna in the glass dish.

I removed the glass and plastic before wrapping the lasagna.

I wrapped and labeled the lasagna.

Here are some other good layered dishes.

Baked Ziti

Layered Enchalada

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have not forgotten!

I know. I haven't updated in forever. I stopped midway through the 12 weeks to better pictures. I still need to finish that. The next lesson is outdoors, and I believe the challenge picture is a macro one. I was waiting for the weather to get better... then I went out of town... then my son turned one... now he's faster than me, and I'm just trying to catch up! I'm hoping to get back to learning and blogging about photography soon.

Right now, I'm learning about cooking and eating healthier. We just bought a chest freezer, and I already have over 15 homemade meals in the freezer waiting. I'm even debating adding this to my "learning as I go" things to blog about.