Saturday, May 29, 2010

My other projects

Here is the twin bed my husband and I made.

Here is the toddler bed after I distressed it. The pictures don't do the bed justice. It looks a lot amazing in person. It has an old/new looking finish.


These pictures aren't very good. I forgot to adjust the white balance, so the bed looks a different color in evey picture. :)

Little Bed. Big Bed.

My newest project. An outdoor storage bench.
I'll probably make another post about it when it's finished.
I'm pretty excited about it. It's made partly out of recycled wood from a local recycling center.

Here is the twin before staining.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Knock-Off Wood is my new favorite site!

I keep forgetting to update my learning blog. I've been learning a lot lately! My newest thing is building furniture!

It all started when my son's crib got recalled. At 15 months old, I wasn't wanting to buy a new crib.

The next day I saw the cutest pink toddler bed on It sounded like a fun project, and it was only going to cost us about $60.

We made it the next weekend. I had so much fun making it. I think I'm addicted to building now. I'm currently on my 3rd project right now.

Anyway, here is the toddler bed...

I did a little more work on it this past week. I decided to give it a little more distressed look and add a clear finish. It's beautiful. I love it. I'll have to take more pictures of it.

I posted these pictures on my baby blog, and I got a request for measurements. Ana over at knock-off wood did a great job designing the plans for this toddler version of her farmhouse bed, but her design made a bed that was only 26" wide (which is a problem because our mattress is just under 28" wide). I also wanted to make the bed as close as possible to that adorable pink bed without painting it pink.

Here are my measurements...

Cut List for the Headboard

A) 8 - 1x4 @ 19" (Center Panel)

B) 2 - 1x3 @ 18 1/2" (Side Pieces for Center Panel)

C) 2 - 1x3 @ 28" (Cut to measurement, headboard trim - cut 2 if you do not want a arch)

D) 1 - 1x6 @ 26" (Cut to measurement, headboard header, use 1x2 if you do not want arch)

E) 2 - 1x2 @ 19" (Inside Leg Pieces)

F) 2 - 1x2 @ 30 1/2" (Full Legs)

G) 1 - 2x3 @ 31" (Top of Panel and Legs) Measure before cutting!

H) 1- 1x4 @ 33" (Top of Headboard)

I) 2 - 1x2 @ 6" (Cut to measure, Inside bottom Leg Pieces)

Cut List for Footboard

J) 8 - 1x4 @ 9 1/2" (Center Panel)

K) 2 - 1x3 @ 9" (Side Pieces of Center Panel)

L) 2 - 1x3 @ 28" (Trim for the center panel, cut to measure)

M) 4 - 1x2 @ 15 1/2" (Legs)

N) 1 - 2x3 @ 31" (Top of the Panel and Legs) Measure before cutting!

O) 1 - 1x4 @ 33" (Top of the Footboard)

Bed Frame

P) 2 - 1x6 @ 54 1/2" ( Side Rails)

Q) 1- 1x6 @ 28" (Endplate)

R) 2 - 1x2 @ 53 1/2" (Cleats)

S) 18+ - 1x2 @ 28" (Slats) Measure before cutting!

I highlighted the numbers that I changed. I made the bed 2" wider, so I decided to make it an inch taller as well. I also used the boards pictured in the pink bed (1x3 for trim instead of 1x2. 2x3 for the top of the panel and legs instead of the 1x2).

The bed is currently at my in-laws house drying, so these measurements were all from memory. I believe the measurements are accurate, but I make no promises. I will measure everything later in the week.

I do know that I used 8 1x4s for the panel, and that it is 28" total. The 1x4 are 3.5" wide... in case you were wondering. I also know that I added an inch to the height. After you cut the 8 panel pieces, the inside leg and the outside leg, lay everything out an measure for the trim and top pieces. It will give everything a perfect fit, and it will make sure the numbers I gave are right.

I also didn't have a a brads nailer (but I do now!), so we screwed everything instead. Okay, I lied. I didn't screw in the slats. I old fashioned hand nailed those. A brad nailer will give the trim a cleaner look, but I still like how the screws are visible.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I might post pictures soon, but I just finished a twin version of this bed! The plans our found here. The measurements were great, but I made legs shorter because the bed isn't going to have a boxspring. This (an outdoor storage bench) is my current project.