Saturday, May 29, 2010

My other projects

Here is the twin bed my husband and I made.

Here is the toddler bed after I distressed it. The pictures don't do the bed justice. It looks a lot amazing in person. It has an old/new looking finish.


These pictures aren't very good. I forgot to adjust the white balance, so the bed looks a different color in evey picture. :)

Little Bed. Big Bed.

My newest project. An outdoor storage bench.
I'll probably make another post about it when it's finished.
I'm pretty excited about it. It's made partly out of recycled wood from a local recycling center.

Here is the twin before staining.


Scottish Twins said...

Wow! I want one :)

Steph said...

Hey, it's Steph (RR from MM) :) How long did it take you to build both of the beds? We're thinking about making a twin daybed for my daughter and a (gulp) king sized bed for us!

Janae said...

Just building the bed was easy. It took one day. The sanding and staining is what took forever. From start to finish it took us 3 weeks, but we only worked on the weekends (besides a midweek second coat).