Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lesson 3: The Color of Light

I don't feel like summarizing this lesson, so you'll have to read it on your own.


just watch this video (you can skip the first 2 minutes).

And a summary of FontaKnowledge is...

"Auto white balance - bad.

Manual white balance - good.

Custom white balance - tip top, baby!"

I always try using manual white balance (like cloudy, tungsten, daylight, flash, ect.), but I FINALLY learned how to use my cameras custom white balance.

Here is a video how to set a custom wb on a Canon Rebel XSi.

This lesson's challenge was to take pictures with auto wb, tungsten wb, and custom wb. I even threw in a few bonus ones because I was using a window, tungsten, and a flash for lighting. It was also cloudy out. These are all SOOC (straight out of camera).

Auto White Balance


Custom White Balance





Can you see the difference?

I'm really glad I finally learned how to do a custom wb.

Up next: FLASH... my frienemy.

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Becca said...

Go ahead and consider yourself my photography teacher, lol. I am learning a lot from your lessons, even though I'm too lazy to "do them" myself!